Nowadays, there is a strong demand for electrification of transport in Europe, main drivers being the potential in primary energy saving and in the reduction of air emissions.
Overall performance of Fully Electric Vehicles (FEVs) has to be enhanced to meet customers’ expectations and development time has to be cut drastically.

The ASTERICS project will contribute to a huge leap forward, improving modelling and testing tools needed for the development of future FEVs all over Europe.

ASTERICS will support the competitiveness of the automotive sector in all its aspects: basic components, integrated components, sub-systems, algorithms, systems and OEMs applications.


Facts and figures

  • Full name: Ageing and efficiency Simulation & TEsting under Real world conditions for Innovative electric vehicle Components and Systems
  • Acronym: ASTERICS
  • Start date: 1/10/2012
  • End date: 30/09/2015
  • Total budget: 4.3 M€
  • Total EU funding: 2.7 M€


  • Reduction of overall development time and testing efforts for FEV and components by 50% 
  • Enable improvement and optimisation of overall efficiency and performance of FEV by at least 20% 

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This project is co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC.


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